November 6, 2012 Presidential General Election


City of Cathedral City Mayor Recount Results

Election Results

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2012-12-04: Post Election Posting after Election

2012-11-27: Statement of Vote

2012-11-27: Qualified Write-In Candidate Results

2012-11-27: Why Counting Ballots Takes Time

2012-11-26: Registrar’s office certifies results of Nov. 6 election

2012-11-02: Registrar urges voters to drop off ballots by Monday

2012-11-01: 1% Manual Tally Notice | Español

2012-11-01: 100% Manual Tally of Electronic Votes | Español

2012-10-30: List of Election Offiers and Polling Places

2012-10-30: Don't mail your ballot after Wednesday.

2012-10-29: Qualified list of Write-In Candiates

2012-10-23: Early Voting at Registrar's office and Malls

2012-10-22: Vote By Mail Ballot Processing Notice

2012-10-22: Collection Center locations

2012-10-19: List of Polling Places for Nov. 6 general election

2012-10-17: Monday is deadline to register to vote in Nov. 6 general election

2012-10-16: Early Voting at UCR

2012-10-11: Early Voting is back.

2012-10-04: Vote by Mail Ballots on their way starting Tuesday, Oct.9

2012-10-05: Certification of Results for Public Logic and Accuracy Testing

2012-10-02: County Recruiting Bilingual Poll Workers

2012-10-01: UCR Early Voting

2012-10-01: Public Notice | Español

2012-09-27:Easy Voter Guide |Español

2012-09-27:State Voter Information Guide | Español

2012-09-27:Vote by Mail drop-off locations

2012-09-27: Early Voting

2012-09-26: Sample Ballots and information pamphlets on the way for Nov. 6 election.

2012-09-10: List of Candidate filings

2012-08-16: Secretary of State Random Alphabet Draw

2012-08-16: County Special Random Alphabet Draw

2012-08-11: Nomination Period Filing Extension

2012-07-16: Candidate Handbook for November 6, 2012 Election

2012-07-16: Candidate filing opens for those interested in running for office

2012-06-18: Governor's Proclamation