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2012 Notices and Press Releases

Notices and Press Releases

2012-12-03: A request for a recount of ballots cast for the office of Mayor, City of Cathedral City has been submitted

2012-11-02: Registrar urges voters to drop off ballots by Monday

2012-11-01: 1% Manual Tally Notice | Español

2012-11-01: 100% Manual Tally of Electronic Votes | Español

2012-10-30: Don't mail your ballot after Wednesday.

2012-10-23: Early Voting at Registrar's office and Malls

2012-10-22: Vote By Mail Ballot Processing Notice

2012-10-22: Collection Center locations

2012-10-17: Monday is deadline to register to vote in Nov. 6 general election

2012-10-16: Early Voting at UCR

2012-10-11: Early Voting is back.

2012-10-04: Vote by Mail Ballots on their way starting Tuesday, Oct.9

2012-10-02: County Recruiting Bilingual Poll Workers

2012-10-01: UCR Early Voting

2012-10-01: Public Notice | Español

2012-09-26: Sample Ballots and information pamphlets on the way for Nov. 6 election.

2012-09-25:Election Observer Panel Public Notice

2012-09-19: Secretary of State Bowen Delivers Online Voter Registration

2012-07-16: Candidate filing opens for those interested in running for office

2012-06-18: Governor's Proclamation

2012-06-25: Registrar's office certifies results on June 5 election

2012-06-04: Voters encouraged to cast ballot in election

2012-06-01: 100% Tally Notice

2012-06-01: One Percent Tally Notice

2012-05-29: Ballots dropped off, *NOT* mailed.

2012-05-25: Bilingual Pollworkers Needed for June 5th Primary Election.

2012-05-18: Early Voting is Back

2012-05-18: Monday is deadline to register to vote in June 5 primary election

2012-05-17: County brings talking baby back, baby back, baby back – for video that plugs early voting

2012-05-14: Early voting geared toward students available at UCR

2012-05-07: Public Logic and Accuracy Testing Certification for June Primary

2012-05-02: Registrar’s office certifies results of May 1 election

2012-05-02: Vote-by-mail ballots for June 5 election on the way starting Monday

2012-05-02: One percent Manually Tally Notification for May 1 Election

2012-05-01: *Amended* Public Logic and Accuracy Notice

2012-04-30: Voters encouraged to cast a ballot in Tuesday’s election

2012-04-26: Ballots for May 1 should be dropped off, not mailed.

2012-04-25: Sample ballots and information pamphlets on the way for June 5 election

2012-04-19: Vote by Mail Ballot Processing for May 1 Special Election

2012-04-12: Monday is deadline to register to vote in May 1 election

2012-04-02: Vote by Mail Ballots in the mail for May 1, 2012 Election

2012-03-26: Public Logic and Accuracy Testing for May 1, 2012 Special Mail Ballot Election

2012-03-15: County Random Draw

2012-03-15: SOS Random Draw

2012-03-15: Baby talk touts voting by mail (Press Enterprise)

2012-03-15: Riverside County Inspires Voters with tech-savvy baby (CBS)

2012-03-13: New video touts ease, faster tally count among the benefits of voting by mail

2012-03-10: Nomination Period Filing Extension

2012-03-07: Candidate Filing Closes

2012-02-10: Candidate Filing Opens

2012-01-05: Vote by Mail Processing for the January 10, 2012 Community Facilities District Election

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